Artoz Greenline 


 Certified ecological paper – exactly in line with the trend of the times


Greenline – eco-friendly luxury


The colours of this Greenline series appear in the different colours of nature, have a sophisticated haptic, make a very high-quality impression, which can optionally be enhanced by the gold or silver-coloured silk lining, achieve good printing results AND are repeatedly certified with these eco-labels: FSC, recycled, Green Seal, Green-e, Carbon Neutral Plus.


The motto “raw is the new luxe” means that nowadays the original (untreated natural) is considered a luxury.



A paper that delivers messages without words.


Artoz Greenline envelopes, also with gold and silver lining – if you want to have something special.


Communication with Greenline, eco-friendly produced and with an extraordinary appearance, shows your appreciation for nature and the extraordinary.





The following sizes and colours (look at the right picture) are available:

B6 – info here

C5 – info here

C6 – Info here

C7 – info here

Square – info here

DIN long – info here







The Greenline range is rounded off through paper and cardboard in large sheets and paper and cardboard in small formats starting from a quantity of 100 pieces.


Questions? You can reach us via the contact form or by telephone +49/89/89 82 77 98-0.



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