Presentation Folders Artoz Presenta

Artoz 1001 “PRESENTA” presentation folders in 58 colours.

For shipping and storing documents in A4 format.


You can find the format of the paper in A4 format for the printing of your documents here: stationery and cardboard A4.

And for shipping envelopes in DIN C4, also in 58 colors, you’ll find it here.


Artoz 1001 Presenta portfolio for A4

Presenta Supply folder
s, impact flap rights.

230 x 310mm Closed/460 x 310 mm open

Order-No. 650 042 – … *

209,40 €/100 pcs. (= € 249,20/€100 pcs. including. 19% VAT)


* + the three-digit colour number for the colour overview with mapping to the Pantone colour scale



Please order via the contact form or call 089/89 82 77 98-0


Note on prices: Below a net value of EUR 100, we will charge a minimum volume surcharge of EUR 18.00 (= EUR 21.42 including. 19% VAT).
Delivery is free of charge. Discounts are possible from EUR 200 net value.


Here you can find all about the entire portfolio of Artoz 1001.

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