Artoz Klondike: The Glittering

Artoz Klondike

Fine glittering particles create the nobly shimmering surface of this characterful design paper in two independent, contrasting colours.


Available in A4  and DIN A3 in powerful strengths, the paper 120 g/sqm, the cardboard  in 300 g/sqm.

In addition, a fine assortment of cards in different versions and the following letter envelopes:


ARTOZ Klondike amethyst long adhesive
ARTOZ Klondike amethyst DIN long pressure-sensitive adhesive


DIN C7 with pointed flap, wet adhesive
DIN C6 pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN B6 with pointed flap, wet adhesive
DIN E6 (191 x 135 mm), pointed flap, wet adhesive
DIN long pressure-sensitive adhesive (as illustration)
DIN C5 pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN C4 pressure-sensitive adhesive

and square 160/160 mm pressure-sensitive adhesive                                                                                                                                                               

Artoz Klondike paper and cardboard in large sheets you can find here.                                                                                                                      

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