Envelopes and Mailing Bags




… are the clothes of your messages and even in digital times have not gone out of fashion. On the contrary: Where e-mails are increasingly perceived as annoying, classic forms of advertising are receiving increased attention.

Let’s face it: Who is not happy if they have something real, haptically tangible in the mailbox?


Whether individually or off-the-shelf, we fulfill all your wishes, as fancy  as they may be.

In cooperation with well-known providers, there is virtually no envelope, no letter cover, no shipping bag that we cannot deliver to you. For example, from the range of Artoz Papier AG in Switzerland.


By the way, if you talk colloquially in Germany about a “Briefumschlag” or a “Briefhülle” (in englisch letter case, envelope), there is a subtile difference that you should know and that facilitates communication:


A letter case or envelope has the flap on the wide side, but with a shipping bag, or mailing bag, the shutter is on the narrow side.


Shipping bag A4 C4

Mailing bag DIN C4

Letter case A4 with pointed flap

Envelope DIN C4 with pointed flap

Letter case A4 with straight flap

Envelope DIN C4 with straight flap


Individuelle Briefumschläge und Kuverts