Individual Envelopes


Even the best letter wants to be opened. Individual envelopes can help.

Many letters are thrown away unopened because their packaging is not convincing. That’s why we’ll find the perfect solution for you to be sure that actually each of your mailings will be opened and read. We stand for convincing, characterful, individual letter cases and shipping bags.


How to get to the perfect envelope:

1. The quick fix: Envelopes that are already ready from stock.
Our specially created database for this purpose provides information about virtually every envelope produced worldwide. You will be surprised how quickly we can fulfill even unusual wishes. Because we internationally  together  with all providers. For example, you can get the entire Artoz range by us at the best prices and from just 50 pieces.


2. There is no suitable storage format in the world: We produce it for you! We can draw on a huge trove of finished punching tools. This saves you time and money over other providers. By the way, custom-made products are also possible in small editions. In the series of Colour Matters already from just 200 pieces.


3. The high school: The completely individual envelope: Our possibilities are almost unlimited.
When people speak of ‘individual’ envelopes, one usually only means that paper is processed into A4 cases or printed according to specification. We mean by individual letter always real individuality beyond any A4 standard:

Whatever you have heard about the workability of materials, minimum requirements and delivery times: Where the range of services of others ends, we’ll find the optimal solution for you. Special machines and techniques make it possible to realize even small and smallest editions made of extraordinary materials and in any format for you.
So please let us know what you don’t want to do. We will certainly find ways and means to realize your ideal vision.


Can we help you express your individuality? If you want an offer or want more information or samples, please send us a message: Request

On the occasion: A standard label on an envelope made of paper quickly breaks the best impression. Exclusively with us, you will also receive the individual labels that put the finishing touches to your letters.


Individuelle Briefumschläge und Kuverts