Envelopes and pockets DIN C4


You send papers or material in DIN A4 format?

We can also help you with our Design-RC® product range.


Envelopes and pockets C4

   Design-RC® Recycling Envelopes C4 with biofoil –                                        Sustainable and functional.


 We can offer you the following variants:


unlined, adhesive, with straight flap, 229 x 324 mm,
Thickness 140 g/qm
2 colours outside brown – inside grey
                        outside grey – inside brown
Window 55 x 90 mm made of bio-foilMade of natural raw materials e.g. corn, potatoes etc. and is biodegradable                         and compostable!


Or alternatively without windows with the same properties.   Order now?


Design-RC® Ecological mailing bag C4 backside.


Simply order in our Onlineshop “Konzept Shop”?
(Unfortunately only in German so far.)

Matching Design-RC® stationery:

A4 sheet, 100 gsm, 210x297mm 

Colour: one side brown, one side grey


              Design-RC®  DIN A4 sheets. One side brown, one                                                              side grey.


Order now?

Or simply order in our Onlineshop “Konzept Shop”?
(Unfortunately only in German so far.)


Or alternatively the DIN A4 sheets in 140 gsm or 350 gsm. Here you can find more information.


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