Design-RC® envelopes DIN C5


Envelopes DIN C5 – with and without window


Recycling envelope C5 with biofoil window. Colour brown.


Design-RC® envelopes, unlined DIN C5, adhesive, with straight flap, 162 x 229 mm,
Thickness 100 g/qm
2 colours outside brown – inside grey
                       outside grey – inside brown
Window 45 x 90 mm made of bio-foilMade of natural raw materials e.g. corn, potatoes etc. and biodegradable and compostable!


Or alternatively without windows with the same properties.

Design-RC®  envelope, backside, in the colour grey.


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We recommend the DIN A4 papers of the Design-RC® range for this purpose. Here you will find the necessary information.

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