Design-RC® envelopes in DIN B6


Design-RC® envelopes in DIN B6 and matching cards in DIN B6


DIN B6 – a little larger than C6.

Ideal, for example, if you want to send an invitation and enclose a reply envelope

DIN C6 (162 x 114 mm) fits into DIN B6 (178 x 125 mm) without kinking.

Recycling envelope Design-RC® DIN B6 in brown.


Design-RC® letter envelope, DIN B6 unlined, wet adhesive, with pointed flap, 125 x 176 mm,
Thickness 100 g/qm
2 colours outside brown – inside grey
                       outside grey – inside brown
Window without



This is an excellent complement:

Matching folding cards Design-RC® DIN B6


Design-RC® folding cards, DIN B6 high double, 120 x 169 mm (closed), 240 x 169 mm (open)

Thickness 350 g/qm
Colour brown on both sides
Processing pre-grooved, delivered unfolded


But of course you can also use the Design-RC® DIN A4 formats for this purpose.


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