Artoz Perga Pastel: The Transparent


Artoz Perga Pastel


Transparent, air, lightness: Perga Pastel is a beautiful transparent paper with constant transparency.

Available as paper in 100 g/sqm and as cardboard in 200 g/sqm.

In addition to two shades of white, there are 16 colors, pastel and strong.


Here are the available envelope formats:

DIN C7 with pointed flap, wet adhesive
DIN C6 pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN B6 pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN E6 (191 x 135 mm) pressure-sensitive adhesive

DIN long pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN C5 pressure-sensitive adhesive
and square 160/160 mm pressure-sensitive adhesive



To match the envelopes, there is a wide selection of cards (simple and for flapping).

Stationery and cardboard are available in A4 and in letter format 8.5 x 11 inch.


You need big arcs? 100 g/sqm in 65/46 cm BB, 200 g/sqm in 70/50 cm BB.


Here you will find the price list of Artoz Perga Pastel.
as the available colors of Artoz Perga Pastel – with assignment to the Pantone color scale.


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