Artoz 1001 – Envelopes and Cards DIN E6

Artoz 1001 – Enveloopes DIN E6 and matching folding cards in 30 colours.

DIN E6 – a rare format that stands out from other mails and letters.
Well suited, then, for high-quality business invitations and mailings.

Fittingly, there are folding cards in 220 g/sqm. And if letters and cards are to be printed individually in professional use: There are also large sheets.


Artoz 1001 Briefkuvert A4 E6-tip flap wet adhesive


Envelope wet adhesive with pointed flap, 191 x 135 mm

Order-No. 650 374 – ... *



Artoz 1001 A4 E6 folding card 125 x 180 mm high double


Folding card DIN E6 high double, 125 x 180 mm closed/250 x 180 mm open

Order-No. 650 372 – *



* + the three-digit colour number- look here for the colour overview with mapping to the Pantone colour scale



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Note on prices: Below a net value of EUR 100, we will charge a minimum volume surcharge of EUR 18.00 (= EUR 21.42 including. 19% VAT).
Delivery is free of charge. Discounts are possible from EUR 200 net value.


Here you can find all about the entire portfolio of Artoz 1001.

Individuelle Briefumschläge und Kuverts