ARTOZ 1001-Envelopes and Paper in 58 Colours


Artoz 1001-2 shades of white and 66 colours: Envelopes in 18 formats, plus the matching cards, as well as small and large formats of paper (100 g/sqm) and cardboard (220 g/sqm).


More information about the very extensive Artoz 1001 product range can be found here and in the respective formats, such as here for envelopesDIN long.


Here we show you the complete colour palette of Artoz 1001. You can click on the colours to enlarge the fields.


Please note that due to the nature of your monitor and the graphics card of your computer, no exact color reproduction is possible. The deposited Pantone colors are also to be understood as approximation.

Or download the colour palette as PDF.


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There is a colour for everyone in this selection, we think – and if not, there are Colour Matters papers or our paper – search&find- service.



This selection includes a color for everyone-and if not, there are still Colour Matters or our paper -search&find- service.


Individuelle Briefumschläge und Kuverts